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Posted 2016-06-04 by Admin / Dholera,Dholera International Airport

Wish To Cash In The Real Estate Boom In Dholera? Check Out The Facts First

If the discussion is about real estate boom then one cannot let go mentioning Dholera of course. The first smart city to be developed in India, Dholera is not just the largest Greenfield Project of India but also the fastest growing one. And when we say fast, we mean it!

Dholera is one of the rare cities that seems to be developing faster than we Indians could have ever imagined. Every now and then some new activity in the city is making it to the headlines. Funds are being sanctioned, land is being allotted or an airport is being approved - all adding on to the real estate boom that the city has already entered.

If you are one amongst the many thousands who are keenly observing Dholera real estate markets and desirous of cashing in the realty boom here, please read on.

1.Facts in favor of Dholera

Rs. 5400 crore (appx) has been allocated towards its development which means that the city shall grow at a rapid pace.

Being close to the DMIC and DFC makes it a definite hub for economic opportunities. More than 8 lakh new employment opportunities shall be created in the region by     2040.

Dholera international airport further accelerates its development and shall significantly add on to foreign fund inflow in the city. It shall seamlessly connect Dholera to the world thus making it globally popular.

The city shall use ICT and have state of art infrastructure and world class amenities. 

Spread over 920 Sq. Kms. the authorities have carefully divided the land in 6 town planning schemes and phased out its development in three phases. The basic infrastructure shall be set up by 2019 as per Aecom.

2.Checklist before buying a plot in Dholera

  Ensure the land is lien free. Ask for relevant documents such as NOC, etc. from developer

  Check for all legal papers before striking a deal

  Analyze the price and amenities being offered for similar plots and only purchase one after reviewing all available       options.

  Do visit the plot and match the details as mentioned by the developer

  If you are buying the plot to live in, consider the transit means from the area.

  Safety first- Please ensure that the plot is located in safe area.