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Posted 2018-09-04 by Admin / dmic, dholera sir, delhi mumbai industrial corridor

Delhi - Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC): All that you want to know

Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, indisputably the largest infrastructure project ever initiated in India, is a revolutionary landmark in the manufacturing sector of the country. Popularly referred to as the 'global manufacturing and trading hub', DMIC is a definitive step towards developing a unique set up that shall industrialize the entire region and give a major thrust to the Indian economy. With the aim to create future-ready industrial c ...

Posted 2016-06-23 by Admin / Dholera ,Dholera Smart city,Dholera SIR,Dholera international airport

Projects By Smart Homes Shall Be Instrumental In Providing Housing Option To Dholera Residents By 2019

Smart Dholera and Dholera Smart city: The ongoing projects from Smart Homes are being looked upon as ones that shall be home to many of the one lakh people who shall reside in Dholera by 2019.

Dholera, the first smart city and biggest Greenfield project of India is developing at a rapid pace. In a recent announcement from Mr. Ajay Bhadoo, MD, Dholera SIR, the city shall be populated with 1 lakh people, quite a contrast to meager thousands currently. Going by predicted statistics, by 2040, the ...

Posted 2016-06-04 by Admin / Dholera,Dholera International Airport

Wish To Cash In The Real Estate Boom In Dholera? Check Out The Facts First

If the discussion is about real estate boom then one cannot let go mentioning Dholera of course. The first smart city to be developed in India, Dholera is not just the largest Greenfield Project of India but also the fastest growing one. And when we say fast, we mean it!

Dholera is one of the rare cities that seems to be developing faster than we Indians could have ever imagined. Every now and then some new activity in the city is making it to the headlines. Funds are being sanctioned, land is ...

Posted 2016-06-03 by Admin / Dholera

Points To Know Before Purchasing Residential Plot In Dholera

Purchase of Residential Plots in Dholera is gaining momentum as development in the smart city is marching ahead with full vigor. 

Foreign investors are as keen as Indians to park funds in Dholera real estate market with an anticipation to earn larger than life returns from the biggest Greenfield project in the country. Not only is Dholera being developed 6 times the size of Shanghai but is also progressing at rapid pace making it the fastest developing city i ...

Posted 2016-06-02 by Admin / Dholera Smart City,Dholera International Airport

Crucial Milestone For Dholera- Anchor Investors To Be Allotted Land By September 2016

Alkesh Kumar Sharma, CEO, DMIC Development Corporation has visited Dholera smart city on 13th May 2016 and post evaluating the development in the city has told 'Business Standard' reporters that the region shall be ready by September 2016 for land to be allotted to anchor investors. Mr. Sharma added that 'The aim of the DMICDC is to ensure world-class construction to attrac ...

Posted 2016-05-30 by Admin / Residential Plot in Dholera

Searching for a Residential Plot in Dholera? Points to look out for!

Residential Plots in Dholera have become the obvious choice for Indian and global investors. It is believed by experts that the city has unfathomable potential when it comes to appreciation in real estate prices; of course their theory is backed by sufficient factors that positively influence the smart city.

Dholera, with extensive support from the Modi government has been declared as the f ...

Posted 2016-05-27 by Admin / Investment in Dholera

Reasons Why One Should Consider Investment in Dholera

Investment in Dholera! Is it really that lucrative as being spoken of or is it just a myth?
In this article, we shall mention whether investment in Dholera really worth it and if yes, what makes it so.
5 reasons to invest in Dholera

Fastest growing city

The biggest Greenfield project of India is also the fastest growing one. While the deadline set for completion of development of Dholera has been set at 2040, the city is expected to be home to 1 lakh citizens by 2019. Being the maiden smart city, it has certainly got a ...